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To have your site listed just follow these few simple steps:

Read the Rules for listing requirements.
Choose a reciprocal Banner.
Click on the Add Account to get listed.

The list updates every 15 minutes and resets to zero every 30 Days.

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  • Your website or web page must be "Primarily Female hookup" related. Independents, Agencies and massage providers are all Welcome. No Advertising Sites or sites using scripts will not be accepted without our prior approval. Sites with annoying pop ups will not be accepted.
  • Montreal area websites require paid advertising package for approval.
  • Your banner and text should be a reasonable representation of your site, redirected url's are usually unacceptable.
  • A reciprocal link is required to have your site listed. You must display a banner or text link to Montreal's World Top 100 hookups using your special member link code that you will receive so that your site can be ranked.
  • If you display one of our banners you must save the image to your server - do not "hot link" to images located on our server.
  • Please do not submit pornographic text, banners or images to be displayed with your listing. We really don't want to see close ups of private parts, keep your images clean with some class.
  • Sites with no visible reciprocal links that are somehow sending "mystery" incoming hits will be investigated.
  • We reserve the right to refuse any listing or remove a listing for any reason, without forewarning or prior notice being given.
  • This list resets to zero every 30 days and re ranks every 15 minutes.

Very Important
"Mystery" or large amounts of unexplainable incoming hits will be investigated.
Cheaters will not be tolerated. Do not be surprised if your site disappears.
This strong measure is necessary due to our site's popularity and many attempts at cheating.

Banners or Photos you wish to have displayed with your listing must be a maximum 150 pixels high, no more than 468 pixels wide and less than 50K in total size.



  • A good text description to go with your banner is very important. We highly recommended that you come up with 2 to 3 lines of descriptive text that will grab the viewers attention and make them want to visit your site.
  • It is not necessary to submit a banner or photo for display with your listing, a good text description will do and becomes even more vital.
  • Having an attractive banner or photo with your listing is especially important with Montreal Top hookup List because as our top list grows, the list will be split into pages of 20 listings each (ranks 1-20 on page 1, ranks 21-40 on page 2 etc.)  All banners will be displayed up to rank 100.
  • We suggest you place your reciprocal link somewhere on your site where your visitors can readily see it!! You will climb higher on the list by sending hits. The more hits you send, the higher you climb, the more exposure you get.
  • When submitting your site chose either the Canada, USA, World or Male Category. Your banner will show in that particular category as well as in the Top Overall Catergory...Double exposure.

If you have read and accept the above terms.Click on the Add Account button and fill out the submission form.
You will receive a confirmation email with your link code to use with our Top banners.


Pick your appropriate category when adding your listing: North American based sites must register under the CanadaUSA category. All sites that are not Canada & USA based must register under the World category.

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If you require any assistance getting your link working please feel free to We would be happy to help.


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