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??? We Anticipate & Understand the Special requirements of Busy Executives. We carefully Select Enticingly Beautiful Ladies who are Exxxclusive to our agency. We Have hookups from the age of 18 to 30yrs. old. Sensual Blondes, Engaging Brunettes & Sultry Redheads. Busty, Petite or Curvaceous, We have it all! Debutantes, Students, Models & Dancers. One commonality between ALL the? hookups we have on staff is that they are all ladies with exceptional personalities as well as many other talents :) We have hookups for all Occasions? a night on the town, a romantic dinner or some quality time in your room for some T.L.C

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939-2513 ?? or? 939-1985

Montreal Hotels, Restaurants, Bars & Other Activities

Meet our Wonderful Heartbreakers Team....

Nikki 25yrs 34b-24-34 5'8-110 lbs.

Description & Photos

Claudia 22yrs 34c-24-34 5'5- 110 lbs.

Description & Photos

Alexandrab-heart2.gif (865 bytes)new 23yrs 36c-25-3 5'6-110 lbs


Missyb-heart2.gif (865 bytes)new 21yrs 34b-24-33 5'6-'115 lbs

Description & Photos

Karla 22yrs 34b-24-24 5'7- 108 lbs. lbs.

Description & Photos

Mina 26yrs 34c-25-35 5'6-112 lbs


Vanessab-heart2.gif (865 bytes)new 21 yrs 35-24-33 5'6-110 lbs


Monica 20yrs 33a-23-33 5'3- 100 lbs.

Description & Photos

Jessica b-heart2.gif (865 bytes)new 22yrs 34c-24-35 5'2-98 lbs.


Emily 24yrs 36b-25-35 5'8-112 lbs

Descriptions & Photos

Cassandra 22yrs 34b-24-34 5'7-110 lbs.

Coming Soon!!!

Kim 23yrs 35b-25-35 5'7-122 lbs.

Descriptions & Photos

Sasha 22yrs 35b-25-35 5'5- 115 lbs.

Description & Photos

Elizabeth 22yrs 36c-26-36 5'8-120 lbs.


Rachelleb-heart2.gif (865 bytes)new 22yrs 34-25-35 5'4-109 lbs


Vivianne 21yrs 36c-25-35 5'8-125 lbs.


Samantha 30+ 38d-26-36 5'8-135 lbs.

Coming soon!!!

Valerie 25yrs 35b-25-35 5'7- 116 lbs

Description & Photos

Amanda 25yrs 36b-25-35 5'8- 125 lbs


Virginia 23yrs 38d-25-35 5'9-115 lbs.

She's back!!!

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