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???? Elizabeth was described by one of our regulars clients as an Angel sent from Heaven. She has that special Quebecois joie de vivre, 20 years old and is all woman. She is tall, busty and nicely curved. She has Dirty Blond hair below shoulder length and is very enthusiastic and happy to meet with her new clients. I think Elizabeth, who is fairly new to the business will fit in just fine at Heartbreakers and we are glad she took the suggestion to experience the difference. A must see ;)??Sorry Elizabeth is Camera shy

?Schedule: Can be booked any day from Monday to Friday with advance notice, Elizabeth is a little difficult to book but worth waiting for!!!

This high energy girl's favorite perfume is Blue Red Jeans by Vasace, her favorite color is Forest Green and she just loves the Blues!!! Elizabeth's Zodiac sign is Taurus :)

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