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?? Hi, My name is Tina , I am the owner and one of the receptionists at Heartbreaker's hookup Agency... Montreal's most Elite Outcall Service. If you would like to become part of the our Heartbreaker's Team do not hesitate to give us a call. We look for Reliability, Honesty, Sincerity as well as beauty, these are the? qualities we value the most. If you have these qualities be sure to call us now!!!

??? We have a Great Working Environment and an Executive Clientele we are very proud of. You? make your own schedules biweekly, know your bookings in advance and you are guaranteed to be BUSY whenever you are available. Whether you are a student, model, secretary, dancer or just in between employment. You can work 2 days or 5 days , we are the best agency to call if you are serious and would like to make some extra money & meet new an exciting people.!

??? We are always hiring ladies from the age of 18-35 years old all Nationalities. Part Time or Full. If you think you have what it takes and you would like to make Excellent Money$$$ while meeting new and exciting people give us a call. We are Discreet, Reliable, Honest, we are? here to work for you :) At Heartbreakers we are constantly working hard to improve our service as well as the hookups working environment. Heartbreaker's is well established and is continuously growing and we are continuously hiring despite the large number of ladies we employe.

????? We are now looking for Ladies in the more mature age range. If your actual age is between 30-35. Please give us a call!!! We also hire ladies that are passing through and would like to experience the BEST Montreal agency. If you plan on visiting the Montreal area and you are or have worked as an hookup give us a call.

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(514)? 939-2513 ??? or ???? 939-1985

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We will TRY to answer all?e-mail within 48hrs, please be patient :)

Web Mistress Tina :)

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