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????????? Thank you for visiting? Heartbreakers, we would like our Clients to get to know us a little better. To experience the difference Heartbreakers has to offer you, we are unique :) We have long been the pioneers in hookuping In the Montreal area . All of this would not be possible without the endearing customers I have had the great pleasure of talking to throughout the many years... to them I say? thank you....


? ??? At Heartbreakers our priority is to establish a long-term relationship with everyone who engages our services, we do understand that this is probable unobtainable in this industry or any other however at Heartbreakers we aim high! We try to hire a variety of different hookups that will meet many different tastes that our patrons may have. At Heartbreakers we do not hire our employees over the phone, ?we have a proper interview, sometimes a chat over lunch :) We make it our business to get to know them in all their spender. Our ladies are refined with social graces & a good educational background.

????? In the last 10-12 years we havent had the benefits of the Internet or Web sites with photos for that matter. Along with a new wave in communication came many advantages to our business. Now the clients will be able to judge for themselves as to the description and its accuracy, they no longer have to take the word of the receptionist.? We realized a long time ago that describing with great accuracy and not embellishing is very important to everyone and we have always followed that rule. Of course everyone has their own opinion, beauty is in the eye of the beholder and for some it is not at all a question of appearance. Many are looking for a particular service within the hour, many are looking for a girlfriend type experience, some look for the glamour girl. There really is a Mecca of different requests? unfortunately we can not meet them all :)

??? At Heartbreakers we are still a little bit old fashion,? we believe intimate details should remain intimate. How to people will get along? is something that is impossible to guarantee, each individual will have different chemistry, yes, chemistry with each of their gentleman callers, as the gentleman will also have individual opinions on their experiences. For those Gentlemen who nourish a trusting relationship with a particular hookup, chances are the quality time he will spend with her will be a lot different than a first time encounter.

??? As for safety issues, unfortunately you can not know the track record of everyone you encounter and everyone they have encountered, as for the hookups honesty and professionalism, she can be honest and professional and still make an error in judgement and so can you!!! We do have a refusal policy, if the hookup does not meet your criterion upon arrival you are free to be a gentleman and compensate her transportation which is $20 and she will be on her way. We can not and will not guarantee what can or will go on between to consenting adults, no exchange of monies is given for any other reason other than companionship :)? More than that, we provide a source of guaranteed stimulating companionship with an engaging beauty. I think our reputation speaks for itself, that is where Heartbreakers would like it's reputation to stay.??

Sincerely & Respectfully,~~Tina~~


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Always Hiring!

We will TRY to answer all?e-mail within 48hrs, please be patient :)

Web Mistress Tina

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